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JD Dual Degree Italy
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General Program Requirements

The program of study varies based on each student's unique undergraduate and graduate transcripts. However, in all cases, courses at LUISS will be required courses with no option for electives. To give you an idea what this might look like, a sample program of study is noted below.
Example of a Possible Program of Study:

  • Diritto costituzionale 1 (IUS/08) [Constitutional Law]
  • Istituzioni di Diritto Romano (IUS/18) or Roman Law (IUS/18)
  • Diritto Privato 1 (IUS/01) [Private Law]
  • Diritto del lavoro (IUS/07) [Labor Law]
  • Diritto commerciale 1 (IUS/04) [Commercial Law 1]
  • Diritto Penale 1 [Criminal Law 1]
  • Diritto commerciale 2 (IUS/04) [Commercial Law 2]
  • Diritto processuale civile (IUS/15) [Civil Procedure]
  • Diritto amministrativo 1 (IUS/10) [Administrative Law 1]
  • Diritto Penale 2 (IUS/17) [Criminal Law 2]
  • Diritto amministrativo 2 (IUS/10) [Administrative Law 2]
  • Diritto processuale penale (IUS/16) [Criminal Procedure]
  • Prova finale [Final Exam] 

Please schedule an appointment with WCL Abroad to see if a program of study can be devised for your particular situation.



Grades from abroad will appear on your WCL transcript only as Pass/Fail. Passing grades do not affect your WCL grade point average. However, failing grades do because they will be factored into your grade point average as a zero.

Grades from LUISS  will be reported on your LUISS transcript which you may need to provide to potential employers or to the state board of bar examiners.