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2017 Itinerary

United Kingdom (London); France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Luxembourg

May 28, arrival in London,  United Kingdom (Hotel:  Citadines Trafalgar Square) (evening reception nearby)
June 24, program conclusion
June 25, departure date from Brussels



London  (check in May 28 - check out June 4): Citadines Trafalgar Square
Paris (check in June 4 - check out June 12): Citadines Saint Germain des Prés
Brussels (check in June 12 - check out June 25): Adagio Brussels Centre Monnaie 

Luxembourg (check in June 19 - check out June 21): Hotel TBA

Travel Throughout the Program

Airfares to Europe can vary greatly depending on several variables. Students are encouraged to make their plans early to take advantage of advance purchase options. This applies to purchasing seats on the high speed trains in Europe as well. Generally students not yet 26 years of age qualify for travel discounts in Europe.

Participants should consult a good travel agent and/or reputable websites that sell discounted airfares or auction airfares. Among others, STA Travel offers attractively discounted airfares to students. Inquire at Remember that you will be starting in London and departing from Brussels.

Travel within Europe and within the cities visited will be by train, bus, metro, and other public transportation. For the purposes of the program, there will be four train trips on different dates: London- Paris (Eurostar), Paris-Brussels, Brussels-Luxembourg, and Luxembourg-Brussels. A Eurail pass is not recommended or required. There are discounts when two or more people purchase a ticket and travel together and for people not yet 26 years of age. Please explore your options through travel websites including,,,, European students may consider purchasing an Interrail pass. For more information, visit Please note that students under 26 years old can purchase discounted individual or group train fares in Europe.  Some students may prefer an intercity bus trips.  They take twice as long but can be significantly cheaper.  The program director will let everyone know what train reservations he has made in case students wish to take the same train.

Should students prefer to not travel with the group between program cities, they may  travel on their own as long as they arrive in time for the next class. If planning to use discount airlines, take into account travel time and cost to and from the airport, security checks, baggage weight limitations, and all fees.

All the trains to be used for the program require a seat reservation. It is the student's responsibility to have both a train ticket and a seat reservation. Students with a Eurail pass still need to reserve a seat. Reservations can be made online, through a travel agent, or in person as soon as you arrive in London, Paris, or Brussels.

It is strongly suggested that train tickets and reservations be made early in order to find seats available and to qualify for lower fares. Think of it as an airline ticket; normally it is better to buy it well in advance.

Students with disabilities: Every effort will be made to accommodate students with special needs or disabilities. However, generally, in Europe facilities are not always equipped for disabled people as they are normally in the USA. Students with special needs must contact the Office of Student Affairs at WCL,, (202) 274-4052.