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AlertTraveler is a mobile application that utilizes GPS and your program itinerary to provide you with country and city intelligence to help you make informed decisions while traveling, provide you with safety and security alerts to let you know of any events that could potentially impact your travel or safety, and an instant check-in option allowing you to report your status back to administrators and travel advisors at your institution in case of an incident. Students participating in a WCL Abroad study abroad program may download and begin using AlertTraveler after applying and being accepted into the program.

To begin using the app:

1) Install the app on your phone: go to the Apple App or Google Play store and download AlertTraveler. Allow all access permissions requested.  
2) Login to your account at and scroll down below your applications to find the “AlertTraveler Registration” panel.
3) Enter your US mobile number, and click “Generate.”
4) Open the app on your phone, and enter your AU email with, not

Download the full instruction manual and user guide here.

If you are participating in a short-term trip through WCL Abroad that did not require an application, please register your travel here: